The building is divided in four large halls (Museo delle Carrozze (Carriages Museum), Salone dei ricordi (Memories Hall), shop and Inn, in the green of Pineta of Siano, a few kilometres far from the old city centre. Each Podere’s corner is much evocative, because of time that seems to be still. Nature embraces the building, with an attractive offer, full of animal and classic Mediterranean plant species. This urban park is situated in a 700 acres area, with many paths covering about 30 kilometres. More than 1000 plant varieties grow in the botanical garden


In five centuries of carriage history, coaches have always played a major role in the most important moments of History, always keeping the same appeal. That charm is due to the 25 carriages hosted in the Podere hall. All the coaches come from the baron De Paola’s collection, realized between XVIII and XIX century. Some of them are really precious. For example, there is a late 1700s top Cabriolet, the only one in Europe, that belonged to Volpicelli family; there’s also a widely available 1800 Mail Coach, built in Austria, very common in Europe and United State, used for long journeys. The collection includes a XIX century Landau - due to its silver handholds and leather pedals coverage, it has always been considered one of the most prestigious carriage, at least up to the second world war -, and an American Buggy, a very popular coach in the States because of its articulated structure that allows a greater handling. There are also a Russian sleigh, an ancient wagon, used in the 1600s for parades dedicated to Virgin Mary, a “postale”, and an Omnibus, a kind of bus. But each hall of the Podere hosts coaches and carriages with a story to tell.

Old crafts

Under a big and fascinating porch, there are very interesting pieces of Calabrian country life in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s: antique carpenter workbenches, old millstones, knife sharpener tools, ploughs, scales, braziers, heaters for pigs, wheat and flour gauges. It’s impossible to list everything can be found in this part of Podere.

Memories hall

Time is still inside this great hall. There are finely restored vintage furniture, various ornaments, musical instruments, sewing machines, old uniforms, copper pots, English style suitcases, travel cutlery. There are also a perfectly rebuilt Vienna style den, and a liberty style bar. In this area of Podere there is a place entirely dedicated to all those carriages tools used for cart horses: harnesses, lights, more than one hundred examples of bits, side saddles, whips, English XIX century saddles. In this hall there’s the famous American Buggy, the carriage used in the film “Gone with the wind”. At the end of the hall, there’s a little shop corner, where the best of Calabrian gastronomic and handicraft stuff can be bought.

The Inn

Here it’s possible to taste delicious foods of the Calabrian gastronomic tradition but also a good pizza, in a fine place that perfectly fits with the all Podere. This is Pavone brothers’ Inn, byword of quality in years of local catering. More than one hundred seats, in the Inn is possible to organize feasts and events for any occasion.


Info e Servizi

Guided or free tours; location for photo shoots, book readings, little exhibitions, various events. Info. Podere delle carrozze is in Contrada Monte Musofalo, Siano of Catanzaro. For visit booking, call +39 392.04.32.760

For further information about the Inn and booking , Tel. +39 333 716 2528..